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XMAS is coming … Wendy Nichol : Yes Please

9 Dec

I advise vegetarians to close their eyes because Wendy Nichol’s Lambskin Gatherer Bag is going to be painfully glamorous.


LAZarides Euro Trash Sneak Peak

9 Jun

The show last night was awesome… they even took Lakers fans into consideration and had a tv dedicated to the game. And you bet there was a crowd swarming. Euro Trash was the second out of four exhibits for the UK gallery’s LA summer pop up, with artists Antony Micallef, Conor Harrington, Vhils and JR.

Here are a few photos to wet your appetite…



Conor Harrington

Best for last …Antony Micallef


20 May

Jose Ortiz of Street Inspirations is a product of the 1970s Chicano low rider culture of Oakland and sponsor of this benefit car and motorcycle show.

Low Riders Making a Difference in Oakland can also be found at

Jose Ortiz was profiled in the East Bay Express, where he talks about that time, when lowriders painted the streets with a deeply personalized sense of style. Custom-modified machines that doubled as works of art were set up with hydraulics, impressive sound systems, classic or candy-coated paint jobs with graphics and maybe even chrome or gold-plated accessories.

But then police got involved.

We reached Ortiz and he told us, “In those days, they stereotyped lowrider people as gang members, drug dealers, bad people. That was always a stereotype, and it was unfortunate.”

Ortiz said there used to be a big community of lowriders in Oakland 30 years ago, and they would cruise together on weekends. But people got tired of the trouble from police and didn’t get together as much to avoid getting tickets, getting arrested or getting their cars taken away. The movement began to die a little.

Ortiz then started Street Inspirations, a community outreach organization that would work to prove to the police that lowriders could be good for the community and to get respect.

“We started going into the community and cleaning up trash, giving away toys, going after school and spending time with the children,” said Ortiz. “So people can look at us and say ‘they are really giving back to the community’ and they won’t stereotype about them. We have something to do every month to make a difference in the community.”

City officials started noticing.

“That’s something you don’t buy in the store. You can’t go to Safeway and buy it; you have to earn it. And finally they got the message,” said Ortiz.

Ortiz helped create the first lowrider police car in the nation in 1994 and has since suped up 20 police vehicles from Miami to Altanta to Puerto Rico.

Police lowriders are changing the dynamic between youth and police. When officers drive through neighborhoods, kids come to check out the tricked out vehicle. Ortiz said this machine gives the riding officer an opportunity to reach out to youth and show that they are human beings and willing to help out.

Ortiz is putting together a crew with 100-200 lowriders that will cruise the freeway from San Francisco to Los Angeles, possibly this summer.

“The lowriders will never die, it will always be there,” said Ortiz.

Apart from Ortiz’s work to keep lowriders visible, there are a few places where you can still see this Chicano lowrider culture. “Chrome & Cops 4 Kids” is a benefit car and motorcycle show where a good collection of lowriders can be viewed, and it will take place this Sunday, May 23, at Bob Dron Harley-Davidson (151 Hegenberger Rd., Oakland) from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.


2 Apr

I made this video for class … it’s something I learned very late in life and decided to make an instructional video of sorts

you too can be awesome whence THE WIGGLE is appropriated to your biking lifestyle from the Mish – Sunset.

1. Duboce – Head west
2. Steiner – Turn right (north)
3. Waller – Turn left (west)
4. Pierce – Turn right (north)
5. Haight – Turn left (west)
6. Scott – Turn right (north)
7. Fell – Turn left (west)

I dont know why I never posted this! Pee-wee Review

9 Mar

I saw The Pee-wee Herman Show in LA in February and it was

Pleasantly Twisted

(pic from Pee-wee’s fb… lol)

This particular Saturday night, in downtown Los Angeles, was sponsored by Bud Light and started off with The Pledge of Allegiance – a precursor indicative of the tone for the next hour and a half of The Pee-Wee Herman Show. The stage at Club Nokia was a fantasy of colors, over and undersized talking furniture, novelty gizmos and cartoony sound effects. Pee-wee, a pale and skinny, disproportionately dressed man of childish exaggerations roused the crowd with his chipper demeanor and deep rolling laughs that can better be described as a vibrating gurgle. A few empty seats scattered the venue, but good vibes were more than ample. This was the closing night of a month-long production directed by Alex Timbers, founder of New York’s Les Freres Corbusier (a theater company).

To be biologically expected, Pee-wee looked a bit older and even a bit creepier (Paul Reuben, now 57). A slightly disturbing thought followed when Pee-wee chucked his abstinence ring. Moving on. Back in the day, Pee-wee’s innocence trumped any subtle attempts to look up Ms. Yvonne’s skirt, whereas now the script had given way to blatant sexual innuendos. This flagrant approach marks an increasingly desensitized generation and, most certainly, an increasingly open-minded generation. He did indeed get laughs at every ploy, most were well deserved.

Playful infomercial references ran rampant. ShamWow made both a pre and posthumous appearance due to his accidental placement in the deep fat fryer. A possible hint at our nation’s tendencies for overindulging in fast fat-laden fare was made when Pee-wee stated he would starve without his fast food fryer. Josh Meyer’s character, Firefighter, suggested Pee-wee lay off the commodity after almost burning down the playhouse. Good advice.

The updated script also acknowledged the crowd’s vocabulary of pop culture. Resistance was futile. The curious nature of late Michael Jackson’s ever-lightening skin pigment was referenced for Jackson has been a classic butt of many-a-joke. ShamWow listed amongst its numerous household-helpful capabilities that it was completely bleachable. Pee-wee retorted, “Aren’t we all.”  Such an obvious cry for a laugh was met by mixed response. Some half-hearted chuckles were met with booms of laughter and clapping from a plainly generous or possibly more devout group of fans.

Every once in a while, the glitter encrusted video screen would drop down and play old school cartoons or lessons for good little children to mind their manners. This was a welcome throwback to “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” where each episode had a wholesome lesson to be learned. Apparently generosity wasn’t on the list.

Pee-wee was uncontrollably distraught for he sacrificed his one wish so Miss Yvonne, the most beautiful woman in Puppet Land, could be happy in her desire for Cowboy Curtis to like her, reeeally like her. The man of childish exaggerations demanded a second wish from Jambi. The genie’s bejeweled doors snapped shut, leaving the tantrum induced Pee-wee to lament out loud. Cowboy Curtis announced he already liked Ms. Yvonne, reeeally liked her. By default, Pee-wee got his wish to fly, a satisfying conclusion for a theater chalk full with gleeful Pee-wee lovers.

Rife with adult humor, pop culture and a devout crowd, the updated Pee-wee Herman Show was pleasantly twisted.

Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles held the final night of The Pee-wee Herman Show February 7, 2010.

Hitler not so Impressed by the Apple iPad Tablet

28 Jan

Pee-wee. Making the Theatrical Comeback

13 Jan

In hiding for nearly two decades, Paul Reubens, or shall I say Pee-wee Herman, is bringing back “The Pee-wee Herman Show” for a brief stint. Reuben, now 57, is also the writer and producer. In attempts to modernize the script, Reubens has incorporated such references as ShamWow into his 1981 material. In its hay day, “The Pee-wee Herman Show” had even graced Carnegie Hall on its 22-city tour.

Reubens has big hopes for this production to fund an even bigger film. Ed Wood comes to mind.

Club Nokia in downtown LA hosts “The Pee-wee Herman Show” from January 12th to February 7th. In his interview with MTV, Pee-wee states the final show to be February 14th, which would be an intriguingly unconventional Valentine’s date with your love-bunny. Sadly, he was mistaken.

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