Art Fair Finds

23 May

I tromped across San Francisco Thursday night to czech out the menagerie of art fairs. The SF Fine Art Fair in Fort Mason was a great start last year, after a 10 year stint of nothing,  but I am glad for the addition of  artMRKT and ArtPadSF to this year’s roster. A more comprehensive representation of the current local and national art scene is split amongst the three venues. ArtPadSF was a win with its engaging atmosphere at the Phoenix Hotel, lacking all certain stiffness. Below are favorite pieces from all three fairs! Enjoy. (Excuse the less than straight photos..I need to work on keeping steady as I’m half kneeling on the ground in in heels while hoping my ass isn’t falling out of my jeans.)

Jamie Vasta : "Fillide, 1596" " : Patricia Sweetow Gallery : ArtPadSF

Jamie’s show After Caravaggio is up for only a short while longer at Patricia Sweetow Gallery. Get there quick if you haven’t examined these works of strictly glitter. Her current series is an homage to the anniversary of Caravaggio’s 400th birthday. Jamie uses her own friends to act out some of Caravaggio’s most celebrated paintings and documents them in craft glitter in a most exceptional manner.

Margaret Bowland : Babcock Galleries : artMRKT

Daughters : artMRKT

Thomas Wood : "The Pollinators" : Lisa Harris Gallery : SF Fine Art Fair

Martin Spei : "Dean/Train" : gf contemporary : SF Fine Art Fair

Martin does many humorous, yet knowing, bronze sculptures of “the working man.”

Slinkachu : Villa del Arte galleries


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