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Andrew Bird

25 Feb

he will never cease to be awesome


ACID COUTURE: Anthony Ferrario Studio Visit

16 Feb

Kitty katz and laser rainbows!?@#! Acid couture by local designer Anthony Ferrario tickles the insides of your eyelids. Anthony hand dyes, constructs and screen prints in his Sunset studio.

So whats your initial draw to clothing design?

I guess when I was 21, I had broken up with a girl that was a fashion designer and she was always making fun of me because I didn’t know how to sew. So back in Seattle, me and my friend Sam would make ties out of military jackets and stuff and stores started pickin it up. I originally wanted to be a visual artist but I figured I’d make more money out of this (he laughs). Food stamps are awesome!

You’re back in SF from a 2 year stint in Boston. Since you’ve been here for the past 3 months, what have you been up to?

For the first month, I was looking for a job. But basically what I’ve been trying to do is start a clothing company with Kevin Scott Hailey (of Coma and Cotton) and find my way into the art community here. And I ride my bike a lot.

We haven’t decided on a name for our business yet. If anybody has any suggestions – we’re open.

Where do you get most of your fabric?

The majority comes from recycled clothing from thrift stores. Also fabric stores, the one by Thrift Town. When I was in Boston, I used to go to New York a lot. Since I’m here, I go to LA. And I go online a lot…The Fabric Fairy.

Tell me about the vintage patterns —

I like to use vintage patterns every once in a while. I will also use patterns I find in interesting vintage clothing I find in thrift stores. I really emphasize quality of construction. Older processes of construction are interesting to me. They were built to last as opposed to the stuff you can easily throw away today.

Ideal sewing machine?

Industrial Interlock MACHINE

Explain the concept behind most of your designs?

Recently I’ve been trying to base my design on sacred geometry elements. I made a hoodie with triangles based on the golden ratio that connect to form a pyramid. I also like to play with unique color combinations. It’s all geometry, shape and color. I make just about anything. Special order dresses. My bread and butter is the hoodies, I also do knit ware, pants, jackets, you name it i made it

Nothing I make is entirely the same. Everything is one of a kind.

Are there any fashion designers that you follow or are inspired by?

RIP Alexander McQueen.

I don’t know, I don’t really draw from anybody. They design themselves. I’m just the vessel.

David Choe “Character Assassination” @ Fifty24SF

10 Feb

David Choe opening. Line down the block. Half hour wait. Furiously energetic works in “Character Assassination” show at Fifty24SF. My favorite piece “Deathblossom” was actually made for and shown in Choe’s April 2009 “Deathblossom” show at PYO gallery in China. “Character Assassination” is somewhat of a chaotic mishmash with his work taking different directions. Some pieces, as I named earlier, are more detailed and elegant while others possess a harsh and dark emotional quality. He painted the gallery walls black and did a bit 0′ graffiti to to top it off. And I’m wishin the Hendrix piece wasn’t a print!! Amazing all the same.

Show is on view at Fifty24SF until March 24, 2010.