EpiscoDisco! 1.23.10

30 Jan

This month’s EpiscoDisco brought us sculpture work from Oakland’s Derek Weisberg and video installation from New York’s Jessica Levey. EpiscoDisco is a monthly exhibit and beets night held in Grace Cathedral. And ladies, there is plenty of room to shake your thang in the Lord’s House.

Paradise Now aka Eve Ekman and Jean Cooney curate EpiscoDisco. The premise for January as follows. “Many world religions exalt the role of the mother in scripture and iconography, from the central role of the Madonna in Christianity, to the adage taken from the Quran that “heaven lies under your mother’s feet”. Two artists address the uniqueness of motherhood from disparate perspectives, one personal and another investigative.”   – EpiscoDisco site

At first glance, Levey’s video on night-vision mode looked more like the act that brings one into motherhood 9 months later. Upon closer inspection, ( it’s a Cathedral, if they’re showing porn, of course I’m gonna go in for a closer look) I realize the scene is actually a mother bouncing a baby up and down…to your relief or dismay.

Weisberg’s haunting candle lit sculptures were rather fitting for the Cathedral setting. The main figure clutches himself and looks to the sky, may be for answers to unresolved questions and comfort.  The figure had tokens at his feet to dispense into his parted mouth on a wish by wish basis. Hopefully my wish comes true!

Photos provided by Derek Weisberg


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