“Goodbye” art and music salon @ Million Fishes

28 Jan

A grand art and music salon show was thrown to say goodbye to Allysun Dutra, aka SF fashion designer Kittinhawk, a member of Million Fishes Arts Collective. She will be leaving Million Fishes to spread her love and talent to LA. Current and past members of the collective furnished the walls with works of oils and guache, the mounted unicorn bust of floral brocade(artist Leighton Kelly) being my utmost desired piece of the night. A luxurious teepee rich with layers of fabrics, feathers and an intricately decorated interior served as a small haven from the crowd, courtesy of Dutra. The place was packed, good music, an overall successful night.

Pictures by Paule O’Valle
Million Fishes Arts Collective

Goodbye 1.22.2010
Adriana Atema, Allysun Maria Dutra, Del Geronimo, Frank Callozzo, Hero Megan Elizabeth Frasheski, Jen Siska, Jessica Lynn Atreides, Kevin Scott Hailey, Leighton Kelly, Matt Reamer, Paulie anna Duke, Paul O’Valle, Ryan Coffey

Musical performances by:
Campfire songs with micha and leighton, Metal Mother, Djs, Damon, Mikie G


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