Mary Iverson @ Park Life

24 Jan

Park Life . Mary Iverson . “Frontier”

A nifty partnership unfolds between romanticism and a realistic slap in the face. Naturescapes unfettered by human existence are sourced from magazines and positioned as backdrops to Iverson’s geometric abstractions. The geometrics are representative of containers used to transport our magnanimous consumer “needs.” A sense of industry and infinite consumption is superimposed by Iverson’s variegated painted containers within penned lines of many vantages points. The latter also creates an even depthier sense of space to an otherwise two-dimensional magazine tear out. Iverson’s reconstructed citation to 19th century’s Bierstadt (one of two oil paintings in the show) poses as reminder to another breed of romantic realism.

I was slightly disappointed to find Iverson’s landscapes as entire pages torn from magazines in the majority of pieces. And yes, I understand the intent was most likely highlighting concept rather than technical skill. Yet, I have seen her website and she does have the capability for gorgeous realism. Maybe she was exploring new modes of collage but I couldn’t help but feel cheated, like she ran out of time after completing the first two larger oil paintings.

Show from 1.22 – 2.27.2010


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