Disney Officially Takes over Marvel Comics 12.31.09

3 Jan

OF COURSE Disney would take over Marvel Comics as if taking over the world wasn’t enough as it was. My dad worked for Epic, an imprint of Marvel Comics, when he moved to California twenty or so years ago. He worked as an illustrator for Tarzan and Timespirits (which some say Avatar has striking resemblances to by the by).

Look for the knowledgeable and besuited talking trout – a character my daddio created for Time Spirits – who assists others in time travel.  An artist was paid by how much space they filled on a page. Back then, in the 80’s that is, a full days work amounted to about $10. My dad started to get faster and densely packing pages. He was let go because he was making too much money! In comparison to $10 I’m not quite sure what would be considered too much.


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