Shrooms n Cookies at the Underground Farmers Market

24 Dec

The Underground Farmers Market found a home – in a home – last Thursday. Vendors occupied every room of the Mission Victorian, including the restroom – where one could taste test and purchase honey…questionable.  Spruce beer, resembling root beer, was sold in recycled Samuel Adams beer bottles. In keeping with the low-carbon mileage theme, Iso Rabins of Forage SF offered wild mushrooms foraged in Mendocino County. Acorn flour, crushed the night before, was also available along with lavender shortbread cookies. The lavender was foraged the very same morning by Valerie Luu. Planter boxes of arugula, jams, and Jewish dessert filled a second living room while the empanada lady roamed around until her weary looking basket was emptied.

Forage SF also hosts guided forages to educate the populace of edibles in our local landscape. Monthly CSF boxes of locally foraged edibles are available and 50% of the profit goes to the foragers. While the selection rotates seasonally, the box contains foods you may not have even known were foods. Sea nettle, miners lettuce, sea bean pickles, sea beans and cattail rhizomes are among other such options as acorn bread, mushrooms and fresh caught fish. A pre-Christmas wild food dinner, featuring wild boar, was held in the Haight last night. The menu and locale was kept secret until the day of the 5 course feasting.

I suggest you subscribe to keep updated on Forage SF’s future dinners and related events.

Wild mushrooms foraged from Mendocino County.

Partial view of Iso Robbins – of Forage SF – on the left.


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