A Little Jellygrass with your Fishballs?

9 Dec

Kowloon Tong Dessert Café
393 7th Ave (btw Clement & Geary)

So many Hong Kong style desserts for such a small stomach! I advise to get here early if you want a seat and bring an adventurous group so you can taste test. Complimentary tea is set before you within seconds of sitting down. Waffle sundaes, various pastes (almond, red bean, etc) with sticky rice, and Jellygrass can be explored with the more savory options of Curry Fishballs and Pan Fried Rice Noodles.

The Mango Sago with Tapioca ($4.75) is a taste I have not aquired. The tapioca is so light in flavor that I just fish out the mango and avoid the liquid below. Milk Custard in Coconut and Sticky Rice ($3.95) is quite good. You should dig out the black rice from the bottom to include in each custardy bite for optimal satisfaction. The French Toast ($4.75) is quite flavorful in all its simplicity of presentation. The thick piece of bread adorned with a small pad of butter on an otherwise empty plate, shows an attitude of – this is what you came for so eat it – and I love it.


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