Khan Toke Thai House

7 Dec

Even though Khan Toke Thai House retains hole-in-the-wall prices, elegance and tradition seep from every pore as you pass by the intricately carved wooden motifs and rather large animal tusks to the very pillows you sit upon. Great care is taken in everything from the music to the silk garb worn by the servers. Coolness factor -wear some warm socks because you will be asked to take off your shoes!

Paw Pear Tod ($6.25) consisted of three deep fried spring rolls accompanied by sweat and sour sauce. For your sharing pleasure, these perfectly cut bite-sized pieces were jammed and packed with chicken, silver noodles, and vegetable crunchies. A pleasant heat radiated from the Lamb of Siam shish kebab ($9.25). Green bell pepper and onion resided between each thick chunk of charbroiled and perfectly spiced lamb. The veggies and unsauced nature of the dish most likely prompted the Kebab’s placement under the (very much appreciated) “Nutritious” section of the menu. Moo Ga Tiam ($6.95) is lean pork with a marinade of garlic, black pepper, and Thai spices. The pork seemed more like beef. Either way, it was exceptionally flavorful and tender, just as the menu promised.

5937 Geary (24th Ave)


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