Forget The Sauce

1 Dec

Fried crab AND eel? That must be the Tokyo Roll at Nara, a sushi spot on Polk & California. Once the wooden board is placed in front of me, all I can concentrate on is stuffing a giant piece of sushi into my mouth so I can taste everything. The sweet rice, the smoky sweet eel, the crunchy crab, the amazingness of it all. I like to get Sake Nigiri (salmon on a rice ball of sorts) for my omega 3’s. Never  start a meal without seaweed cucumber salad.

PS…dipping sushi into soy sauce? NOOOOO don’t do it! This is a habitual action I see across the table from me time and time again. It needs to be remedied. How is the taste truely experienced if there is brown salty liquid all over it? Just try on your next sushi endeavor to refrain from the soy sauce. Reconnect with your sushi and notice the balance of flavors and textures. And didn’t you hear? Salt makes you bloated anyway.


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