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Woman bum rushes Pope Benedict

26 Dec

A young woman hurdles toward Pope Benedict and drags him to the floor before midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The Pope, 82 years of age mind you, was a bit shaken yet uninjured according to Associated Press. On the other hand, French Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, has a fractured hip from the incident. The young woman, Susanna Maiolo, tried the same stunt last year but security was able to deter her. She has yet another year to strategize.

If at first you do not succeed: you must try, try again.


Swede lovin…Lykke Li

24 Dec

Shrooms n Cookies at the Underground Farmers Market

24 Dec

The Underground Farmers Market found a home – in a home – last Thursday. Vendors occupied every room of the Mission Victorian, including the restroom – where one could taste test and purchase honey…questionable.  Spruce beer, resembling root beer, was sold in recycled Samuel Adams beer bottles. In keeping with the low-carbon mileage theme, Iso Rabins of Forage SF offered wild mushrooms foraged in Mendocino County. Acorn flour, crushed the night before, was also available along with lavender shortbread cookies. The lavender was foraged the very same morning by Valerie Luu. Planter boxes of arugula, jams, and Jewish dessert filled a second living room while the empanada lady roamed around until her weary looking basket was emptied.

Forage SF also hosts guided forages to educate the populace of edibles in our local landscape. Monthly CSF boxes of locally foraged edibles are available and 50% of the profit goes to the foragers. While the selection rotates seasonally, the box contains foods you may not have even known were foods. Sea nettle, miners lettuce, sea bean pickles, sea beans and cattail rhizomes are among other such options as acorn bread, mushrooms and fresh caught fish. A pre-Christmas wild food dinner, featuring wild boar, was held in the Haight last night. The menu and locale was kept secret until the day of the 5 course feasting.

I suggest you subscribe to keep updated on Forage SF’s future dinners and related events.

Wild mushrooms foraged from Mendocino County.

Partial view of Iso Robbins – of Forage SF – on the left.

overplayed? … you must not have seen the video

15 Dec

A Little Jellygrass with your Fishballs?

9 Dec

Kowloon Tong Dessert Café
393 7th Ave (btw Clement & Geary)

So many Hong Kong style desserts for such a small stomach! I advise to get here early if you want a seat and bring an adventurous group so you can taste test. Complimentary tea is set before you within seconds of sitting down. Waffle sundaes, various pastes (almond, red bean, etc) with sticky rice, and Jellygrass can be explored with the more savory options of Curry Fishballs and Pan Fried Rice Noodles.

The Mango Sago with Tapioca ($4.75) is a taste I have not aquired. The tapioca is so light in flavor that I just fish out the mango and avoid the liquid below. Milk Custard in Coconut and Sticky Rice ($3.95) is quite good. You should dig out the black rice from the bottom to include in each custardy bite for optimal satisfaction. The French Toast ($4.75) is quite flavorful in all its simplicity of presentation. The thick piece of bread adorned with a small pad of butter on an otherwise empty plate, shows an attitude of – this is what you came for so eat it – and I love it.

Khan Toke Thai House

7 Dec

Even though Khan Toke Thai House retains hole-in-the-wall prices, elegance and tradition seep from every pore as you pass by the intricately carved wooden motifs and rather large animal tusks to the very pillows you sit upon. Great care is taken in everything from the music to the silk garb worn by the servers. Coolness factor -wear some warm socks because you will be asked to take off your shoes!

Paw Pear Tod ($6.25) consisted of three deep fried spring rolls accompanied by sweat and sour sauce. For your sharing pleasure, these perfectly cut bite-sized pieces were jammed and packed with chicken, silver noodles, and vegetable crunchies. A pleasant heat radiated from the Lamb of Siam shish kebab ($9.25). Green bell pepper and onion resided between each thick chunk of charbroiled and perfectly spiced lamb. The veggies and unsauced nature of the dish most likely prompted the Kebab’s placement under the (very much appreciated) “Nutritious” section of the menu. Moo Ga Tiam ($6.95) is lean pork with a marinade of garlic, black pepper, and Thai spices. The pork seemed more like beef. Either way, it was exceptionally flavorful and tender, just as the menu promised.

5937 Geary (24th Ave)

Chillin Productions Holiday Party 12.5.09

4 Dec

I will have a few pieces of artwork up at Mezzanine, Saturday, for Chillin’s Holiday Party. My friend Ian Ross will be 1 of the 3 live painters while mass #s of DJs will be spinning throughout the night, including lovely Miss Irene Hernandez-Feiks (the creator of Chillin Productions). This is a night of fashion, art, and music so if it sounds like your type of party BE THERE and don’t be afraid to arrive early. It starts at 8 (444 Jessie St. across from Blue Bottle Coffee).