My Roomie’s Thai Chicken Dish

5 Nov


I love coming home to the aroma of my roommate’s cooking in the afternoon. Today, I inhale deeply as a rich and slightly sweet aroma entrenches itself into every molecule of our apartment.

My roommate just finished cooking a chicken dish that looks like what I could only hope for at Thai House Express. I take a spoonfull of the goodness and revel in the balancing act of flavors. A pinch of sweetness, due to the glaze, complements a deeper, earthy saltiness. The chile slowly sneaks up on me and develops into a mildly intense heat. I am okay with its lingering nature for the spice hasn’t challenged my chapped lips to a duel.

Below is an approximation of how to get it dun

(each component is sauteed separately)

Dip small pieces of chicken in cornstarch and saute in pan until almost cooked through: take out
Fry cashews in chicken remnants: take out
Fry Japones: dried chile pods that come whole (scrape seeds out beforehand): take out
Sliced green onion mix with dash(1 tbs) of Oyster Sauce, Soy Sauce, Mattie: Seasoning Sauce, and sugar
Return everything to pan and fry together


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