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the end of the rainbow is actually a poodle

28 Nov

You may come across this creature on Polk Street nearing California.


My Roomie’s Thai Chicken Dish

5 Nov


I love coming home to the aroma of my roommate’s cooking in the afternoon. Today, I inhale deeply as a rich and slightly sweet aroma entrenches itself into every molecule of our apartment.

My roommate just finished cooking a chicken dish that looks like what I could only hope for at Thai House Express. I take a spoonfull of the goodness and revel in the balancing act of flavors. A pinch of sweetness, due to the glaze, complements a deeper, earthy saltiness. The chile slowly sneaks up on me and develops into a mildly intense heat. I am okay with its lingering nature for the spice hasn’t challenged my chapped lips to a duel.

Below is an approximation of how to get it dun

(each component is sauteed separately)

Dip small pieces of chicken in cornstarch and saute in pan until almost cooked through: take out
Fry cashews in chicken remnants: take out
Fry Japones: dried chile pods that come whole (scrape seeds out beforehand): take out
Sliced green onion mix with dash(1 tbs) of Oyster Sauce, Soy Sauce, Mattie: Seasoning Sauce, and sugar
Return everything to pan and fry together

Halloween: Street Food Fare

2 Nov

I brought a few friends along to 360 Ritch Street, an alley of sorts, inhabited by Little Skillet (a grand chicken and waffles joint) and a slew of street food venders. We taste-tested the whole menagerie.


Soul Cocina rocked my world with a healthful and incredibly flavor packed risotto ($6). The dish was made complete with morel mushrooms, blue corn, edible flowers (presumably of a zucinni plant), red walnuts, pesto, and a bit of parm he grated fresh for every bowl. The mix of ingredients posed as exotic fare in comparison to my oatmeal breakfast.



Also delightful were the mini cupcakes ($1.50) from Sweet Constructions. Such flavors as coffee and sweet potato struck an intriguing note. Consuming them both, in the spirit of Halloween, was quite satisfying. These bite sized beasts were elegantly slathered in frosting and were flavorful, moist, rich, and decadent to the max.

The Creme Brulee Man was present, but had sold out before I could get a chance to discover his new flavors. I did acquire a decently filled tin of custardy goodness ($4), of the vanilla bean variety, a few weeks back at Fabric 8. I was familiar with his choices of coffee, lemon lavender, and vanilla bean. Yet Twitter revealed his exploratory nature in such additions as frosted flakes, smores, and baileys. Before the Creme Brulee Man’s disappearing act, I spied the remnants of some Berry Cap’n Crunch resting on his cart…I am comforted in the fact that he frequents the mission district quite often.

Evil Jerk Cart made her debut. A veggie stew was served atop coconut-rice-n-beans and skewers of chicken and pork. The meal ($8) was a bit lacking. Dry pork doesn’t pair well with salty chicken. The stew made up of carrots, sweet peppers and squash was a coherent blahh. It looked pretty though.


I still look forward to experiencing the wonder of cardamom, ginger, masala, chocolate or malt chai from The Chai Cart. She was not present at the festivities. I am patiently awaiting her next location update on Twitter! (The Chai Cart being the initial reason I made a Twitter account).