I HAD TO HAVE IT … Jewelry by Jamie Spinello

18 Oct

Usually when you meet someone in an alley, you don’t expect it to be a good experience, may be memorable, but not usually as pleasant as when I met Jamie Spinello. Her jewelry was an instant force to be reckoned with. I gravitated towards my soon to be treasure from Jack Kerouac Alley at the Fair to Remember in North Beach. I wanted to buy this one necklace so perfectly angled in my direction. Since she had made it that day and still needed to put a protective coat on it, Jamie Spinello offered to bring it to my house the very next day! She produces all handmade jewelry out of her live/work space in Oakland. Inspired by marine life, she works with copper and patina, creating an aesthetic that is truly organic, raw and well defined.

You can still catch Jamie Spinello’s work at the Fivepoints Arthouse. A closing reception for “In Bloom” The First Biennial Show will be held on October 24th in conjunction with the Yerba Buena Gallery Artwalk. ALSO FIND AWESOME ON HER ETSY: van + ello



Artist description of THE NECKLACE as follows:
“A faux tattered neckpiece that conjures up imagery of sea life and exposure to the elements of the sea (patina). This medley includes a stack of fused copper rings that have been antiqued to a glorious teal color accompanied by a stack ring chain consisting of six stacks that trail behind it. Amongst the loops there are burst of flagella which shoot off like seaweed from a rock. All this is suspended by a unique hand made chain that I like to call the “amoeba” chain because it consists of small anamorphic shapes linked by tiny copper rings.”


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