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What the PHO?!!

26 Oct

Contents: BBQ Beef Pho from Pho Clement.IMG_1820

Unfortunately I dropped the Pho BBQ Bo, instead of the somewhat bland and supposedly spicy Muc Xao Lan (calamari with coconut milk, currie sauce, onion and peanut). Potstickers : delectable outer crust and really nummy dipped in the PHO of course!

PS. a bit o lemon and saracha add excitement and dimension to an otherwise bland pho experience


Both Eco & Community Friendly Fare @ Mission Pie

19 Oct

Highlight of My Sunday

Choices range from Chicken Pot to Banana Creme while changing daily. Mission Pie Stats: local organic produce, an energy efficient kitchen, the business is constructed from recycled materials, and what is awesome – Mission Pie “…collaborates with local youth advocacy organizations to provide a positive work environment to San Francisco youth.” A slice of Plum Frangipane and a slice of Apple  were both taken home and heated for utmost satisfaction. But I had to sneak a bite before putting them out of site. Crust — to die… perfect texture. Filling — tangy and sweet.

Where to brighten your day: 25th & Mission




Ya that’s definitely something to write home about.



PS… 100 most powerful artsters of 2009

18 Oct

PS…men seem to be dominating the ArtReview Power 100… AND WHY IS GLEN BECK #100 yet alone on the list?!

I HAD TO HAVE IT … Jewelry by Jamie Spinello

18 Oct

Usually when you meet someone in an alley, you don’t expect it to be a good experience, may be memorable, but not usually as pleasant as when I met Jamie Spinello. Her jewelry was an instant force to be reckoned with. I gravitated towards my soon to be treasure from Jack Kerouac Alley at the Fair to Remember in North Beach. I wanted to buy this one necklace so perfectly angled in my direction. Since she had made it that day and still needed to put a protective coat on it, Jamie Spinello offered to bring it to my house the very next day! She produces all handmade jewelry out of her live/work space in Oakland. Inspired by marine life, she works with copper and patina, creating an aesthetic that is truly organic, raw and well defined.

You can still catch Jamie Spinello’s work at the Fivepoints Arthouse. A closing reception for “In Bloom” The First Biennial Show will be held on October 24th in conjunction with the Yerba Buena Gallery Artwalk. ALSO FIND AWESOME ON HER ETSY: van + ello



Artist description of THE NECKLACE as follows:
“A faux tattered neckpiece that conjures up imagery of sea life and exposure to the elements of the sea (patina). This medley includes a stack of fused copper rings that have been antiqued to a glorious teal color accompanied by a stack ring chain consisting of six stacks that trail behind it. Amongst the loops there are burst of flagella which shoot off like seaweed from a rock. All this is suspended by a unique hand made chain that I like to call the “amoeba” chain because it consists of small anamorphic shapes linked by tiny copper rings.”

Rainy Day Productivity

14 Oct

I needed a bit of calming down after driving over the Golden Gate bridge today. The rain was pouring down and the wind was actually pushing my car side to side just enough. I felt the need to hold onto the steering wheel for dear life. I was heading back to the city after a few days in Novato. My choice was: rain storm in the afternoon or rainstorm at night…so I chose the afternoon. When I got home I

whipped out the pastels for the first time in YEARS…feels good



Jessica Joslin…oh how I am a fiend over thy curiousities

11 Oct

Formation of these elegant beasties:

Jessica starts by meandering the forest, nick knack shops, and many a place between to acquire animal bones, antique hardware, and just a menagerie in sum. Find more awesome here

I am rather fond of Silvio the turtle…for those in need of a subtle hint

RAW @ Oakland Art Murm

4 Oct

RAW is a one night wonder of an art show to look out for. Each month at Oakland Art Murmur, RAW inhabits The Uptown (20th & Telegraph) and is brought to us by curator and artist Carly Ivan Garcia.

Participating Artists of 10.2.09
Chor Boogie, Joey DeRuY, Ian Ross, Githinji Wa Mbire, Julia Craig, Millan Evje, Laura Van Duren, Mike Feeney, Carly Ivan Garcia & DJ “Dro”

quote from later in the night
taken outta context and probably a lot funnier if you were there
“…stay where you are, don’t move, it’s really hard to hit a moving target…”

free wine
and catering … mini burritos, tamales, quesadillas … oh my!

Double click to TAKE A CLOSER LOOK: pre-murm crowds